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When it comes to recruitment, a simple "WANTED" board outside a place of work can no longer justify the complexities of reaching out to professionals who are not just employees, but are also partners in successful businesses. It needs a structured communication strategy which is correctly implemented and monitored at every step. This fine art of orderly communication with the 'recruitment intent' is called ECOM.

ECOM embodies  two distinct domain knowledge.

Firstly - The knowledge of how recruitment works - talent acquisition process, industry and job occupation knowledge, availability & willingness to relocate.

Secondly - The knowledge of media towards its types & segmentation, reach & overlaps, opportunity to see quotients etc. are as important in the final communication as the ad copy itself which needs to be impactful as well as attractive and eye catching. All these parameters and their right mix ensures elimination of  the clutter and reaching the targeted audience.

A successful ECOM practitioner puts together the knowledge of the above two domains to create a communication plan that works around the philosophy.

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